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Theater at Monmouth
Maine's Kennebec Valley

Busy towns bubble with life along the entire length of the Kennebec River, each a vibrant backdrop to the excitement of intown happenings, all within earshot of the river as it carries a legacy of wilderness from the north. Those wild places offer up an escape where you can unleash your more primal side on world-class rapids, in pursuit of an elusive quarry, or simply enjoying the warmth of the summer sun.

Whoever you are, whatever calls to you, Maine’s Kennebec Valley is a place where you'll find an adventure to call their own.

Featured Stories
Canoeing & Kayaking
Paddling is an escape, the ideal but temporary disconnect from our world’s manic pace. Being…more>
Freshwater Fishing
There are a lot of places to pick up a rod in Maine when the ice melts. But there are only a few…more>
Monmouth & Winthrop
Summertime Rules on the Monmouth Lakes. Giggles, tan lines and the great American camping trip.…more>

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