DEW Haven
DEW Haven

Set against the verdant backdrop of the forest that surrounds it in the Augusta exurb of Mt. Vernon, the DEW Haven (formerly DEW Animal Kingdom) is not a zoo— forget that word. It’s an unbelievable sanctuary, filled with beautiful, exotic and well-loved animals you’ve never even heard of before. Binturong? What’s a Binturong? Not sure, but they have one. And the African Pygmy Hedgehog is so cute you just want to take it home in your pocket. They are home to an extensive collection of big cats, a couple of bear and a rogue camel who wants to give you a kiss!

In late 2015 the DEW crew was featured in an Animal Planet Network series Yankee Jungle.

In the summer of 2014, DEW Haven was also the birthplace of three amazing and cute Siberian Tigers (two were white and one was orange). Those who were able to witness the cubs close up experienced a wonderful treat. There was even a bobcat cub born around the same time.

When you go, expect the unexpected and don’t plan on any over the top commercialism either, it is one of the things that visitors appreciate about DEW. And you will too.

DEW Haven
918 Pond Rd, Mt Vernon, ME 04352
(207) 293-2837

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