Maine's Kennebec Valley

Winter is the time to get outside in Maine's Kennebec Valley. Our pristine and primal forests are ideal for nature lovers or speedsters alike. From the vast system of snowmobile trails that connect the cities and towns in the region's upper reaches to local craft breweries, restaurants, and live performances throughout, there is no end to the delights of winter.

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Maine’s Kennebec Valley was made for snowmobiling. The region's trails are easy to access, but distant enough from civilization’s whirl....more>
Showshoeing in Maine's Kennebec Valley: pure exhilaration and no experience necessary. Snowshoeing is one of those winter activities that...more>
Who says you need to ski or a snowboard to have fun in the winter? In Maine's Kennebec Valley snow tubing offers all the thrills of sliding...more>

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3/4/19 3/30/19

Youth Art Month (YAM)

An art exhibition featuring works by students in grades kindergarten through high school.

3/4/19 10/1/19

Rebecca Goodale: Imagining a No-Go Zone with Blue Horses and a Red Forest

This work marked the thirty year anniversary of the disaster at Chernobyl. Imagine what the world...

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Skowhegan Annual Maple Festival

Celebrating Somerset County’s status as the top maple-producing county in the United States, this...


Maine Student Film and Video Conference

Back for another year of exploring film, photography, video production, and much more!


Wizard of Oz

The beloved tale of a Kansas farm girl who travels over the rainbow to discover the magical power of...

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