The Lakeside Life

The Lakeside Life

If only everyday life could be this easy.

Loons call to each other as the waning hours of a summer day casts its rays across the lakes of Maine's Kennebec Valley. A vacation spent on the water in one of our dozens of lakeside communities is an ideal way to make life seem a bit less stressful.

Time well spent: fishing, paddling, swimming.

Maybe it's the area's laid-back vibe that makes you want to grab your pole and head out to fish the day away. Who cares whether you catch anything—though you probably will.

In Winthrop, Lake Cobbosseecontee is a mecca for anglers, with plenty of Maine's largest bass swimming just beneath its surface. Long and Great Pond are filled with trout and bass, as well. But it's not just this lake or that lake; it's all of them—Androscoggin, Maranacook, and Annabessacook.

The list of lakes goes on and on. China Lake to the east of Augusta is a fishing and boater's paradise sitting on the Bassmaster list for top bass fishing. Webber Pond near Vassalboro and Belgrade's Great Pond are on the list, as was Cobbosseecontee a couple of years back.

Every gorgeous stretch of clean, bright, beautiful lake water reflects the light of dawn and the glow of sunset with perfection. Each a haven for boating, water skiing, paddling, and that perennial favorite with the kids, swimming. Long and skinny, Messalonskee has the village of Belgrade at one end and Oakland at the other. Along the west side of Minnehonk Lake in Mount Vernon you might find the perfect lakeside-living activity; a rope swing hangs off a branch giving a brave rider what feels like an eternity in the air before making a splash.

Further up Route 201, the lakes offer more wild characteristics. Moxie Pond, located east of Mosquito Mountain, is a favorite of paddlers. Pierce Pond has long occupied a special place in the hearts of outdoor enthusiasts.

Bowl in the Pines at Snow Pond Center for the Arts

A Rising Star: Snow Pond From the water, you might miss it. But between the pine trees, you can spy one of America's grandest outdoor performance venues—the Bowl in the Pines amphitheater at Snow Pond Center for the Arts in Sidney. With Alumni Hall and a performing arts center, Snow Pond is well on its way to becoming Maine's premiere performance venue.

Dip your toes into the waters of the Belgrade Lakes.

Belgrade Lakes: A Summertime Classic Couple the beauty of Great Pond and the breathtaking sunsets over Long Pond with a longstanding tradition of "summering in Maine." Add in the familiar thwack of a screen door and the bubbly sounds of laughter filtering up from the shore, and you have a complete picture of time spent on one of the seven interconnected Belgrade Lakes.

Ladies Delight Lighthouse

Ladies Delight: Maine's Only Inland Lighthouse Set on a small rocky shoal at the north end of the narrow and rocky Lake Cobbosseecontee is the only active inland light, flashing every night of the year. The lighthouse was commissioned by the local yacht club, then designed and built by the Boston firm of Frank Morse. Located in the lake's North Bay, the lighthouse was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1984. Following multiple restorations, the light is now the Crown Jewel of the Cobbossee. Tours of the lake, including the light, can be arranged at the lake's marina.

Visitor Resources: Snow Pond Center for the Arts | The Belgrade Lakes