Our Marketing Leads Visitors Directly to Your Business

More and more, visitors are turning to the Kennebec Valley EXPLORER – in print, email, online, and on social media – for information about where to go and what to do in Maine’s Kennebec Valley. We promote events and activities, individual businesses, and travel itineraries to your potential customers.

Download the 2018 Kennebec Explorer Media Kit (below) to get all the details on advertising in the Kennebec Valley EXPLORER Visitor Guide.

Place an ad in The Kennebec Valley EXPLORER, a high-quality publication that highlights all there is to see and do in Maine’s Kennebec Valley to over 15,000 potential visitors from Maine to Maryland and beyond.

The Kennebec Valley's Target Market

Here are some statistics on our engaged audience:

  • Average visitors are in their 40s
  • 60% of visitors are married
  • A majority of visitors have children
  • Average Household Income of $97,000+
  • 66% are employed full time and have a college degree or higher
  • Primary purpose for coming to Maine is Visiting Family and Friends (VFF)
  • Visitors are interested in Food, Beverage, and Culinary Activities


The Kennebec Valley EXPLORER Vacation Planner will be available for distribution by January 1, 2018:

  • In all Maine Visitor Information Centers, regional chambers and businesses, Portland Gateway Center, and throughout the Mid-Atlantic and New England at prime targeted locations
  • National tourism-focused events and festivals
  • Requests via website for mail fulfillment
  • Electronically at

Breakdown of Distribution:

  • Maine Visitor Information – 3,000
  • Mid-Atlantic/New England Locations – 11,000
  • Advertisers –1,200
  • Mail Fulfillment Requested via Website – 2,000
  • Consumer Travel and Trade Shows – 2,800
  • Total Planned Print Quantity – 20,000

For more information contact Matthew Kovacevich at 207-400-4699 or

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