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What is KVTC?
The Kennebec Valley Tourism Council (KVTC) is a member-supported organization whose purpose is to serve the businesses that serve visitors coming to the Kennebec Valley region. The KVTC is the group organized to manage the Maine Tourism Marketing Partnership Program (MTMPP) grant issued each year. Funds from the MTMPP regional grant are allocated solely for use in the promotion of tourism in the region.

Not unlike a chamber of commerce, the KVTC is a membership organization supported by dues and advertising dollars generated by its initiatives. These funds provide the cash match required by the MTMPP program to leverage the annually-awarded grant.

Why Join KVTC?
Each dollar of a KVTC membership works as matched dollars alongside the state tourism grant to promote and expand tourism throughout Kennebec and Somerset Counties.

But Your Membership Does More.

We work with the Maine Office of Tourism to ensure that the Kennebec Valley region’s interests are well represented at the state level and in the state’s marketing efforts. We work to have our region better represented through all four seasons of the year. Through our work with the Maine Office of Tourism, KVTC has access to tourism research and media opportunities that promote the region in ways we could not undertake on our own. 

A membership in KVTC offers additional advantages as well. Your membership keeps marketing efforts going through this website, regular marketing emails, The Kennebec Explorer Visitor Guide, social media, trade and travel shows and the other marketing initiatives as outlined in our annual marketing plan. Active members are welcome to become part of our board and help to shape the marketing vision of the KVTC for the future.

Here are the Top Reasons to Join Today:

  • 20% Off All Print & Digital Advertising 
  • Free Listing in Kennebec Valley EXPLORER Vacation Planner
  • Access to Industry Information
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Free Admission to Seminars
  • Board of Director & Marketing Committee Opportunities
  • Marketing & Peer Support

Get involved now and help build our presence in Maine’s largest industry by downloading our membership form and sending it to Tanya Bentley, Kennebec Valley Tourism Council Executive Director at tanya@kennebecvalley.org.

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