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Morning Sentinel
Luster Restored to Skowhegan Indian
September 10, 2014 SKOWHEGAN, MAINE — If Maine artist Bernard Langlais could see his 62-foot Skowhegan Indian sculpture now, he would see a statue looking just as it did when it originally was erected and dedicated in 1969.

The statue will be rededicated Saturday after a painstaking restoration in which even the paint was scientifically mapped in a laboratory to match the original colors used by Langlais, who died in 1977.

Boston Globe
Langlais’s folksy art defies cynicism
July 26, 2014 WATERVILLE, Maine — A show that’s full of crooked life and throat-catching particularity, “Bernard Langlais,” at the Colby College Museum of Art, unveils a major artist working in a minor key.

That key, approximately speaking, is folk art. It’s folk art — to get down to specifics — that has been carved from wood and betrays a potentially treacly fondness for animals. And as if all that didn’t sound “minor” enough, we may as well make note of the fact that our subject here is folksy, animal-loving, carved wooden sculpture made . . . in Maine.

Bangor Daily News
Maine zoo surprised by birth of tiger triplets
June 19, 2014 - MOUNT VERNON, MAINE – Three tiger cubs were born in Maine on June 8, at DEW Animal Kingdom and Sanctuary in Mount Vernon, and it was fairly unexpected.

Bob and Julie Miner, owners of DEW, were sitting on their porch when they heard some strange noises coming from one of their tiger enclosures. And when they went to investigate, they discovered three newborn tiger cubs.

Maine Magazine
COVER: Whitewater Rafting on the Kennebec + Camping in the Forks
May 2014 - THE FORKS, MAINE - Most people strive for smooth sailing: good times and clear skies. But there are those who prefer a rougher ride. As wave after icy wave of river water hits me hard across the face, I wonder which kind of person I am. Do I truly crave serene waters, or do I secretly need to spend my time crowded onto an inflatable raft with eight strangers and one very loud, very brash, seemingly fearless guide?

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