World-Class Fishing

World-Class Fishing

Our lakes, streams and rivers have long been prized by anglers of all types for decades, a fame popularized by early outdoorsmen that seems to be on the rise again. And why not? Just a few hours drive from Boston puts you into Maine's finest remote and pristine fishing spots in the east, no kidding!

This prime fishing lured Major League Fishing to the region in 2014 when the lakes surrounding Belgrade and China hosted the world famous Summit Cup Series. Take a moment to request your own Kennebec EXPLORER Vacation Planner to see why the pros came here

The Kennebec Valley serves up the kind of fishing that has always been at the top of everyone’s list no matter what they are looking to catch. In fact, in 2014 the region hooked three spots on the coveted Bassmaster Magazine Top 100 list including: Cobosseecontee(#52), Moosehead(#72) and China(#23).

With over 250 sq. miles of water on the nearly 350 surveyed lakes in Maine’s Kennebec Valley (plus all those great rivers and tributaries that feed the Kennebec River as it flows to the sea) we’re certain you’ll find something to enjoy for a lifetime of fishing.

Sport species common to our waters include brown trout, native brook trout, black bass – primarly the smallmouthed bass and Maine’s state fish: the Atlantic or landlocked salmon (salmi salad). There are more of course, trust us.


Our entire Kennebec EXPLORER website is dedicated to helping visitors find a place to stay, locate a great meal or find other things to do (like whitewater rafting) when you visit the region.

You can also rely on the Maine Department of Inland Fish and Wildlife website where you'll find all kinds of information about outfitting your journey from floatplanes to get you into some of our deeper wooded places.

From generation to generation anglers prize their best spots (no matter what the season). You can skip all that and get right to fishing when you hire a Registered Maine Guide they know where the fish you want to catch hide out.