Spring Gallery

Online Bronze Sculpture exhibition site with local consignments in Maine, open by appointment

Spring Gallery

Photo Credit: Susan McPherran

Spring Gallery sells bronze sculpture, from gift shop items to monuments. These enduring works, lasting generations, are sold directly to you from the artisans who cast them.

The Modern Art Foundry’s 80 year- family owned, historic tradition in Astoria, NY, has roots in Maine for over 25 years. It is our desire to share the ancient process of lost wax casting with discriminating art lovers, old and new, around the world.

Modern Art Foundry has cast six of our state's’ historic monuments. These include the “John Ford Monument” in Portland, “General Joshua Chamberlain” in Brunswick, “Man for All Seasons - Harold Alfond” in Orono, the “Samantha Smith Memorial,” and the “Law Enforcement Memorial” in Augusta.

Our gallery works are available in state at the Sugarwood Gallery in Farmington year around, and online throughout the year, see www.springgallerymaine.com. For further information and viewing opportunities contact is at 917-838-6693.