Farmers' Markets

Fill Your Basket at a Farmers’ Market

Bright and colorful signs advertise the “freshest corn ever,” apples that bite back, and brilliantly hued pumpkins of a thousand shapes and sizes. This is the story of roadside stands and farmers’ markets. So when you are on the road, keep your eyes peeled—you might come across a pile of heirloom tomatoes stacked high and priced to sell on the honor system, or boxes of “Fresh Eggs” waiting to become tomorrow’s breakfast.

The list below shows the many farmers’ markets across our region. Each has its own personality and appeal. All offer the finest and freshest from the hardworking farmers throughout Maine’s Kennebec Valley.

Augusta Farmers’ Market - Mid-May to Mid-October

Farmers’ Market at Mill Park - Mid-May to Mid-November

Viles Arboretum Farmers’ Market - Year-round

Belgrade Lakes Farmers’ Market - Mid-May to Mid-October

Canaan Farmer's Market - May to October

East Vassalboro Farmers’ Market - May to October

Fairfield Farmers' Market - Mid-May to Mid-October

Gardiner Summer Farmers’ Market - May to October

Gardiner Winter Farmers’ Market - November to April

Pittsfield Farmers’ Market - May to Halloween

Skowhegan Farmers’ Market - Mid-May to Halloween

Downtown Waterville Farmers’ Market - May to Mid-November

Wayne Farmers’ Market- June to Halloween

Winthrop Farmers’ Market - May to October

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