Parks and Recreation Areas
Parks and Recreation Areas

Most of the northern parts of Maine’s Kennebec Valley are considered some of the most prime recreation ares in Maine. But there are some designated spots that Maine has put aside for us to enjoy.

The grounds around Colburn House State Historic Site (open daily until sunset) are prime for spotting wildlife and birds as well as for fishing. From Solon to Bingham you can travel along the Kennebec Valley Trail, which consists of 8 miles of spectacular views that take riders along the edge of the Kennebec River. This route includes the historic "Arnold Trail" on the Kennebec River. Ideal for ATV and snowmobile riding the trail is open for year-round use.

Accessed from Rockwood-on-Moosehead by boat (or over the frozen lake in winter) Mt. Kineo State Park is a treasure that bears discovering for yourself. A rich network of trails take you to the top panoramic views of the region. Look for bald eagles, moose and migratory birds along the way.

While not a state park, the Lake George Regional Park in Canaan, just a few miles from Skowhegan is one of the most pretty places to spend the day. Enjoy a picnic out in an island-like peninsula or splash around in the swimming area. Later you can take a hike up the mountain for a spectacular view.

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