Adventure Activities
Adventure Activities

Maine's Kennebec Valley has long been considered a world-class outdoor sporting destination. But now with the recent addition of facilities and the terrain to support the growth, the region is becoming a destination for a growing number adventure activities.

The Kennebec and Dead Rivers virtually own whitewater rafting in New England. One of the best ways to accompany any whitewater trip is to spend a few hours atop an ATV riding through the hundreds of miles of well-cared for trails that criss-cross the Kennebec Valley. This sport is becoming hugely popular whether you are looking for a multiple-day guided excursion or just an afternoon and sunset tour.

Triathalon events have become virtually common-place here in New England, but you in the Kennebec Valley here is Adventure Racing. An adrenaline-fueled sport which combines many different adventure sports into a protracted and grueling endurance race. While you cannot go out on any given Sunday and participate in an Adventure Race, keep tabs in places like the Maine Sports Commission and Northern Outdoors Resort which always seem to be in on the action. Or look to the sky for something that may not be for everyone, skydiving, they say it's the thrill of a lifetime.

If you really are seeking out a thrilling vacation, head to The Forks, there you can find a bunch of outfitters, resorts and other companies that will cater to all your needs including (but certainly not limited to) ropes courses, geocaching, rock climbing and bouldering as well as trail running.

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