An Endless Variety of Camping

From rugged fun to relaxing in the sun, you’re sure to make wonderful memories when you hit the road with all your camping stuff. Bring your sense of adventure and a plan to have no plans. Get out and have fun. You’ll be amazed what it can do for your soul.

The Lakes in Monmouth

Cool, clean waters welcome you to our region. Fish for bass that take home the prize and panfish with a sweet sizzle over a hot fire. Sleep soundly to the chirrup of peepers and crickets. Then go for a dawn hike, or maybe even sleep in for awhile.

Canaan and Beyond

From Canaan, along Route 2 and north up 201 to Solon and Bingham, you’ll find centrally-located family campgrounds that offer the quintessential Maine camping experience. Explore Lake George Regional Park. Paddle, swim, hike, bike, repeat.

Sportsman’s Original

Head north to the Moose River Valley for a bit of four-season camping and uncover a special part of Maine. Be careful though. The moment you set up camp, you may never want to leave. Do everything or nothing. Hunt in the grand tradition, cast into swift streams, or paddle the famous Moose River Bow Trip.

Notes for Newbies

Check out the many resources online, like Plan ahead and make reservations. Look at next year’s spot on this year’s trip. Pack light: You really don’t need that extra stuff.

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