Cottage Resorts
Cottage Resorts

Perched on the edge of a slowly rambling river or astride a cool deep and remote lake in the woods, these are places in the Kennebec Valley that combine the nostalgia of a classic Maine getaway with convenience and family fun.

With the rustic charm of cottage living and the accessibility of a roadside motel the cottage resort options in the Kennebec Valley offer guests a private accommodation nestled within a cluster of cottages or cabins. Enjoy common outdoor amenities, share the day's experiences over a crackling fire, and get to know the owners and staff by their first name. You find you’ll be back next year, it’s just that perfect.

Cottage resort vacations are ideal for romantic weekends away from it all, perfect for creating lifelong memories with your family and a relaxing option for solo retreats. Enjoy convenient trail and water access, fully equipped kitchens, and communal porches, grills and picnic areas where you’ll be able to connect with other travelers.

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