Heritage Sports
Heritage Sports

A Time-Honored Tradition

There’s a reason that sportsmen continue to take advantage of the traditional relaxing hospitality and hunting experience that Maine’s Kennebec Valley has to offer. Consider yourself invited to come and enjoy these time-honored traditions for yourself.

Our Kennebec Valley sporting camps, lodges, and guides will make your hunt memorable. From black bear to white-tailed deer or even our mammoth moose, no matter how you hunt or where you stay, our region has a longstanding tradition of making guests feel comfortable.

Those who prefer bird hunting will find prime opportunities to hunt for ruffed grouse, woodcock, and other species in wide variety throughout our varying landscape. Lakes and ponds provide excellent waterfowl hunting. Pheasant hunting is found on upland preserves. Finally, Maine’s wild turkey population is strong once again, providing experienced hunters with yet another challenge.

And what would the hunt be without a great place to hang your cap at the end of the day? The superb hospitality here keeps sportsmen coming back every year to warm beds, ideal trailside locations, and home-cooked meals. What more could a sportsman want?

Before You Hunt

As always, we encourage you to be prepared. Find a place to stay that fits your style and suits your needs. Plus, with hunting taking place almost year-round, there are nearly endless opportunities. Don’t limit yourself to just one quarry or one season.

Visit Maine.gov if you wish to purchase your license before you arrive (or get one while here). Lastly, we highly encourage anyone new to the sport of hunting to consider using a Registered Maine Guide. Working with someone who knows the terrain can greatly improve your success and the chances that you’ll be back next year for more.

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