In the Sky
In the Sky

We thought that as the home of white-water rafting in Maine on the Kennebec and the Dead Rivers that we had maxed out our quota of extreme sports, but we were wrong. Looking to jump out of a plane as part of your vacation? Want to the opportunity to feel their heart in their throat? Maine's Kennebec Valley is the only place between Portland and Millinocket where you can do just that

On the other side of the region, in the sleepy town of Pittsfield, you can engage in one of the most thrilling adventures of a lifetime with the folks at Vacationland Skydiving. These guys are one of the only teams offering skydiving in Maine. Plus, for visitors to the Bangor and the Highlands, Greenville and Moosehead, even DownEast Acadia and the Mid-Coast, getting to Pittsfield Municipal Airport is easy. What are you waiting for?

The appeal of jumping out of a plane for fun is reserved for a limited audience, but there is still a tremendous thrill to be had simply by getting up in the air for a better look of the region? Fy the extent of the Kennebec River from the gorge down to Augusta and back or over the deep green carpet of trees in the height of summer. Maybe even plan an autumn leaf peeping trip around a scenic flight over the region to experience the spectacular blaze of color from those heights.

Those looking for a scenic flight should reach out to the municipal airports in the region:

  • Augusta State Airport | (207) 626-2306
  • Waterville’s Robert LeFleur Airport | (207) 861-8013
  • Norridgewock’s Central Maine Airport | (207) 634-5351
  • Pittsfield’s Municipal Airport / Curtis Air | (207) 487-5213
  • Jackman’s Newton Field | (207) 668-2111

Planes based out of these regional Seaplane Bases may also be able to provide flight services and scenic flights

  • Lakeside Marina Seaplane Base in East Winthrop | (207) 395-6741
  • Augusta Seaplane Base, Hallowell | (207) 624-3250
  • Teconnet Seaplane Base, China | (781) 826-3902
  • Seven G's Seaplane Base in Mount Vernon | (207) 293-2059
  • Moody Snow Pond Seaplane Base, Oakland | (207) 465-7222
  • Moose River Seaplane Base, Jackman, Jackman Air | (207) 668-4461

The information provided here is drawn from public sources and inclusion of these resources does not constitute an endorsement of services offered by the Kennebec Valley Tourism Council.

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