Lighthouses & Sightseeing
Lighthouses & Sightseeing

Most people don't realize it, but we do have a lighthouse here in Maine's Kennebec Valley. In fact, The Ladies Delight Light, a small lighthouse set on Lake Cobbosseecontee near Manchester, is Maine’s only active inland waters lighthouse. So, take a look, you will quickly see that the region is a destination built for four seasons of enjoyment. There are endless ways to spend your days here. From the bottom to the top, from town to country, even our newly-topped copper colored Capitol is a sight to behold. So put some time aside to go for a ride. Here are a few quick suggested itineraries.

Gardiner to Augusta Corridor
Walk the rail trail along the river, hitting Hallowell along the way. It’s an antique lover’s mecca and as the smallest city in Maine, it has a pretty big voice. Go to Hobbitland at Vaughan Homestead. Then take time to step back in time with an afternoon at Old Fort Western.

A Capitol Adventure
Set up a Capitol tour and then bring a picnic lunch to capital park. Afterwards, head to the Maine State Museum, visit Blaine House and walk to Downtown Augusta for a little shopping and dinner.

Lakeside Romance
Head to Lake Cobbosseecontee to spot the Ladies Delight Light, Maine’s Inland Light, then drive through the countryside stopping for a quick browse at a roadside antique shop. Find a great little place for lunch in Mount Vernon or Belgrade then head back to Monmouth for some Theater at Cumston Hall. Delightful.

The Old Canada Road
Head north on Route 201 above Skowhegan. The Old Canada Road Scenic Byway is about as good as sightseeing gets here in Maine. Make sure you take the time to stop at the Scenic Lookouts. You will not be disappointed. And yes, if you keep going, it will take you to the border.

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