Motor Sports
Motor Sports

Rev it up and get ready to go. Maine’s Kennebec Valley is the place in every season for anything that gets you from one place to another with a motor. Sleds for winter (read that as snowmobiles) and ATVs (four-wheelers and UTVs too) we even have a ton of room leftover for motorbikes and motorcycles as well as motorboats. From snowy tracks to deep-woods trails, to winding roads or lakes and rivers. If it goes, it’s welcome in the Kennebec Valley.

For cold weather types, the snowmobiling in the Kennebec Valley is easy to get to and extensive. Great clubs, excellent trails, and a long season all come together to create almost half a year of the best riding in the east. Look for the great trail map put together by The Forks Maine Chamber of Commerce as an excellent resource for all your needs.

Warmer weather brings out the bikes and the four-wheeled fun—we cannot keep track of what the industry calls this breed of fun but if it needs gas to go and you have a hunger to trail ride bring it on up to the Kennebec Valley. Well marked trails, good landowner relationships that allow for growth and a May 15th start date for the season all point to go. You'll find some of the best trails from Solon north to Jackman and from the Canadian border in Jackman east into Greenville and beyond.

On the road, the motorcyclist should feel right at home as well. We suggest any of the long scenic rides that cut through the region. From Route 2 which runs through the region from below the state Capital to Route 201 which is the Kennebec Valley’s primary artery, there are unlimited ways to enjoy a day on the bike.

If spending time on the water is more along your lines, get ready. If it is navigable we have a ramp—in fact, we have over 100 ramps servicing 300 bodies of water as well as the mighty Kennebec River. From speedy little boats, water skiing, or a jetski rental for a day of thrilling rides in the clean clear waters of the Kennebec Valley, excitement awaits.

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