On the Water
On the Water

Water, water. Everywhere. Maine's Kennebec Valley offers countless ways to enjoy your time here whether in a boat, on a raft or simply splashing about on the dock.

Maine’s largest lake (Moosehead) feeds our region’s namesake river the Kennebec – a storied and mighty 170-mile stripe lined with the cities and towns that make this part of central Maine hum. So being on, in and over the water is a way of life in Maine’s Kennebec Valley.

Season by season, starting with spring there is much to do on the water. Melting winter lakes and streams bring fly-fishermen out to the region in droves to the cold pools that make great hiding places beneath the many dams. Once things warm up a bit, paddlers take to the river and the many, many ponds across the region. Exploring calm quiet out of the way places, listening for loon and the cry of a nesting pair of eagles.

Summer is really when the water serve’s up its best invitation. Small watercraft take to the Kennebec River, China Lake, The Belgrades and the lakes of Monmouth for fishing, cruising and just plain fun. The waters of the Kennebec Valley are really appealing for large and small mouth bass too -- Bassmaster magazine put three Maine lakes on their Top 100 list in the last year and all of them were in the Kennebec Valley. Swimming and of course, whitewater rafting are two other water activities that make the region all the more worth the trip.

Fall brings more paddling adventures, like the Moose River Bow Trip, a classic Maine paddling adventure up near the Attean ponds, the Moose River and Jackman – 3, 5, or 7 days off the grid wait for you. Get in a little more fishing before the cold weather socks in and the get ready for hitting the hard stuff.

In the winter Ice fishing is a community affair. So no matter whether you like to fish or not, you should give it a go.

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