Wildlife Watching
Wildlife Watching

In Search of the Maine Moose

Marshy roadsides and abundant heavily-wooded areas in the upper Kennebec Valley place it among Maine’s best locations for spotting Maine’s perennial favorite social media star—the moose.

During spring foaling and then again in the autumn, you will find these beloved giants wandering and feeding along the Route 201 artery above The Forks. Route 15 between Jackman and Rockwood can also be great for moose-spotting.

Late autumn may be the perfect time of all to search for moose, because each year male moose grow a new set of antlers that get shed around the time snow starts to fall. It goes without saying that moose are wild creatures. Please keep your distance at all times—especially when there is a bull moose or cow with her calf(s).

The best moose viewing experience has to be seeing one in its element: out in the woods while you are hiking, or riding an ATV or snowmobile. The region has many professional wildlife safari guides who have spent years sharing the world of these animals with visitors.

Birds, Birds, and More Birds

With 275 identified species populating dozens of locations here, our waterways, bogs, farmland, and forested mountains are a welcome haven for birds and birders alike.

Augusta’s Viles Arboretum is a treasure, with 165 documented species. Other popular “intown” locations up and down the river include the waterfront in Gardiner, the Kennebec River Rail Trail, and the Hallowell waterfront. Around Waterville, check out Fort Halifax and the campus of Colby College.

Just north of Fairfield, the Shawmut Dam is a birding hotspot, as is the entire area of Belgrade—from the hills in the north to the bog and stream at Messalonskee Lake’s southern end. Further north, be sure to visit the Appalachian Trail’s intersection with
the south end of Flagstaff Lake.

For more excellent birding info and resources, check out the Maine Birding Trail Guide, Maine Audubon, and eBird.org.

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